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Like any expanding company, we like to shout about our good fortunes which also gives consumer confidence in our business. Akin to our Customer Reviews page, these are newsworthy blogs, articles and updates produced by the Jokers' Masquerade Editor for publication here.


New Years Eve Party Ideas – What Can I Dress Up As?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hooters Costume

New Year's Eve is always a popular time to break out the fancy dress and hit up the pubs and bars with a few choice friends dressed in something special to celebrate the culmination of the year.

If like us you enjoy the act of being on the cusp of new fancy dress fashions and picking up the latest costumes and getting decked out in an outfit before everyone else, then you're in for a treat. We have some superb new lines for you that look absolutely amazing as well as a select smattering of classic New Years Eve fancy dress costumes that will have you kitted out and lead you to the best New Year's ever.

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Gnat Styling Review

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gnat Styling Review

We are big fans of the original and unusual here at Jokers' Masquerade. We thrive on discovering great new fancy dress and dress-up items that will transform you and your evening into something even more memorable and even more fun.

Having discovered the new range of dress shirts from Gnat Styling, and having them tick both the original and unusual boxes, we desperately wanted to share with you what they have available currently.

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Win A Saloon Girl Fancy Dress Costume In Time For Christmas!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Dancehall Dolly Costume

Using Rafflecopter, we are giving away one of our wonderfully appealing Dancehall Dolly costumes. All you need is a Facebook profile, Pinterest or Twitter account to enter. Own all three? Then you'll have an even better chance of winning! With a follow or a tweet you could win yourself a great outfit.

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5 New Festive Fancy Dress Fashions For Christmas

Friday, November 15, 2013

Angel Babydoll Costume

Personally, I find arriving at this time of the year to be a startling reminder of how little I have achieved throughout the warmer months and find myself attempting to cram as much into the final couple of months as I can possible muster. As far as office Christmas parties and New Year's Eve outings, there's no better way to send the year off than with some friends all decked out in Christmas costumes, mulled cider and the financial contents reaped from the back of the sofa.

Interested in what's new to wear for Christmas? Scroll down, we've some cool new lines that you'll just love.

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5 Classic Halloween Jokes That You Can Retweet on Twitter

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Coroner Beer Bottle Costume

With Halloween fast approaching, if you are a regular user of Twitter you'll probably be looking for some topical content to retweet. Below we have compiled five classic Halloween jokes that you can RT to your followers that will likely be conversation starters if nothing else. Have a good Halloween joke yourself? Do share. You can tweet us @joke_co_uk.

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Weird Halloween: 5 Human Centipede Costumes From Twitter

Monday, October 28, 2013

Coroner Beer Bottle Costume

Whoever came up with the premise for the 2009 horror movie the Human Centipede is clearly deranged. Essentially, a demented scientist kidnaps and violently mutilates three tourists in order to create his own pet human centipede. That's about as much detail as I want to go into here. I just Googled 'Human Centipede' and just seeing the DVD cover makes me feel ill.

So why this post? It's simple, the micro blogging mecca provides us with so many nuggets of entertainment that we couldn't ignore a trend that people seem to be embracing as a Halloween option: making your own Human Centipede costume. Here's 5 of the best Human Centipede costume tweets that we have found and a quick suggestion for how you can make your own.

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