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Welcome to the Jokers' Masquerade Halloween costumes hub. This is where we hoard all of our dark devils, wily witches and villainous vampires, plus many more creepy and scary dressing-up options that will transform your appearance when All Hallows' Eve comes around. "What can I wear for Halloween?" is a common query that we love to help our customers answer. As one of the biggest online retailers of Halloween fancy dress in the UK, we pride ourselves on having a spooktacular collection of men's, women's and kids' outfits all in stock and ready to purchase right now. With a smattering of old favourites and a large gathering of new and exciting Halloween costume ideas, we can guarantee that you will discover your ideal outfit and will look amazing when the time comes to get your gear on and hit the bar, party or club.

Adult Frankenstein Halloween Costume Frankenstein Costume

Created within the Jokers' Masquerade Halloween lab, our Frankenstein Costume will transform you into Dr. Frankenstein's Monster with the greatest of ease. Simple yet effective, this monstrous outfit is perfect for one half of a couple, as you can request to have Frankenstein's bride on your arm at the party!

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Adult Skeleton Baby Halloween Novelty Dress Fancy Dress Costume Skeleton Baby Dress

Looking for a unique skeleton costume this Halloween? Feel extra cute and girly with the tutu-style skirt, yet, also embrace the spooky season by transforming into a skeleton with a tiny bony baby in the belly. An original take on a classic Halloween costume, this humorous Skeleton Baby dress is brand new for this year and looks awesome!

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Adult Last Laugh Clown Halloween Fancy Dress Costume Last Laugh Clown Costume

Consider the Last Laugh Clown costume to be one of the innovations of the season. This creepy outfit comes with a terrifying hand painted clown mask with a really cool sound-activated moving jaw motion and is cleverly triggered by your own voice! If you're looking to do Halloween right, this costume will blow all the others away!

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