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You have stumbled across the Jokers' Masquerade lair full of Halloween costumes and other spooky make up and accessories. You have been warned, get ready to be utterly frightened as you browse through one of the biggest UK fancy dress retailer's collection of spooky Halloween costumes. We're certain that when you ask yourself "What costume shall I wear for Halloween?", you will find it easy to discover one of our amazing Halloween outfits - the choice of costumes is unreal! Whether you want to transform into a traditional witch, vampire or devil, dress as an eerie dead dolly, a horror film serial killer or a deformed fairy tale classic, get ready to make the recipient on the other side of the trick or treat door quite literally scream! Even if those specific choices don't stir your cauldron we have infinite Halloween fancy dress ideas for men and women all in child, adult and plus size sizing. Whatever choice you make, we guarantee that our costumes are in stock and ready to ship the same working day so there are no excuses to lounge around doing nothing this October 31st.

Adult Psycho Clown Costume Psycho Clown Costume

The beauty of this costume is that you will legitimately scare people, after all we've probably all met someone that's terrified of clowns! Different in appearance yet easy to throw on, this is definitely a unique option for what to wear.

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Adult Bloody Prom Queen Costume Bloody Prom Queen Costume

This one is a superb fancy dress option for this time of year. A popular outfit, it's quick and easy to prepare so you can focus on getting your make-up just right. Just be careful that you don't get Carrie-d away in the spirit of the costume!

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Adult Evil Jester Evil Jester Costume

We consider this one of our favourite drinking costumes, you get to look amazing and also your mouth is uncovered so you can get the beer in your face without navigating past a mask. Easy, effective and awesome.

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