Halloween Costumes, Halloween Fancy Dress

Here at Jokers' Masquerade we spend most of the year looking forward to celebrating one of the most exciting nights of the year, Halloween. The history of Halloween costumes is relatively young allowing scope for Halloween fancy dress costumes to constantly change and improve in originality and quality year after year. If you are searching for the ultimate Halloween fancy dress idea for men, women or children, you will discover it here. We have a vast array of horror based Halloween costumes from traditional devils or vampires, to official horror movie costumes like Freddy Krueger and Ghostbusters plus some very unusual novelty outfits. Have a bit of a browse around. If you look carefully you may even find yourself a Halloween sale bargain or two.

Carrie Costume Carrie Costume

We are indeed very proud to carry the new and OFFICIAL Carrie Costume this Halloween! With the MGM seal of approval, this 3 piece horror movie outfit includes everything you need to become this iconic Halloween movie character.

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Frankenstein Costume Frankenstein Costume

Created within the Jokers' Masquerade Halloween lab, our Frankenstein Costume will transform you into Dr Frankenstein's Monster with the greatest of ease. This monstrous outfit is new for 2012 and looks incredible in person.

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Miss Scissorhands Costume Miss Scissorhands Costume

Our Adult Secret Wishes Miss Scissorhands Costume combines the dark quirky features of Edward Scissorhands with a sexy feminine twist. An official movie costume, we expect the costume to be popular this Halloween season.

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