1920s Wigs

One of the most iconic features of the 1920's flapper look is coiled, finger wave hair and silky sheen 20's bob; both of which can be notoriously difficult to attain, especially when you want to Charleston the night away! Save time and look your best with our authentic collection of high quality 1920s Wigs. The sharp Charleston bob caused quite a commotion when it first became popular, symbolising a woman's independence. Take our great Gatsby style wigs in your stride and fit perfectly with the theme of a 1920's fancy dress party. For the showgirl appearance, check out our Blonde Flapper Wig with Headband, or don the stylish bob with a Flirty Flapper Black Wig. If you want something to make you stand out, look no further than this radiant red Jessica Rabbit Wig. The 1920's era makes an excellent party theme for any occasion and gives the guests an opportunity to re-enact an age before our time. Women will look the part in a Flapper dress, whilst a pin-stripe suit is the go-to choice for guys. Browse our full collection of 1920's fancy dress here and accessorise with a wig to complete the look.