1980s Wigs

The eighties was a decade of music, movies and wacky, colourful styles. Celebrities helped inspire some crazy and colourful hairstyles that were adopted by many, and a stylish hairdo was paramount to looking good! Our 1980s wigs reflect the big and bouncy variety of hairstyles that musicians like Whitney Houston and Prince brought into the limelight. From the mullet and mohawk to bangs and perms, we have a huge selection of colourful looks. With both women's 80s wigs and men's 80s wigs, why not go as a couple of retro rockers to your next fancy dress party? For stand out solo hairdos, take a look at our Madonna 80s Wig, a true icon of the decade! We also have a super-volume Tina Turner Wig, 80's Mohawk and Axl Rose Rockstar Wig. Combine your hairpiece with a vibrant, retro jumpsuit and rock up to the party in style! 80's fancy dress is one of the most popular trends for birthdays, work events, team functions, and social clubs, and you'll enjoy reliving your youth with our wide array of ‘80s wigs and costumes!