50ml Snazaroo Gel Blood Accessory
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50ml Snazaroo Gel Blood Accessory

This 50ml Snazaroo Gel Blood Accessory is perfect for Halloween! You can have it drip off your face like the blood of a freshly bitten victim, or use it to create realistic cuts, wounds and zombie bites!

  • For external use only.
  • Not for use around the eyes.
  • May stain fabric




Material Water based face and body make up
Product Type Fancy Dress Accessory
Packaging Single or Loose Item
Product Suitability Adults & Children - All Ages Over 3 Years (Item Has Small Parts)
Geographical Restriction NOT North America (USA/Canada)
CE Mark
Gender Accessory
Colour Red

Customer Reviews

Average score 4 out of 5
  • Fun

    Easy to apply, dried in place (slit throat with blood drizzled) Great for the price

  • Convincing and easy to use

    Very good

  • Snazaroo blood gel

    This was a good colour, if a little bright when first applied! But once it dries, it's alarmingly BLOOD-like as it dries on to your skin and stops moving looking like scabs and coagulated blood! This means it is super-easy to peel off(!!) late at night, as it is practically solid, and parts away from the skin without a hitch.

  • Good

    The gel was a great addition to my costume, however I couldn't use it due to a burning sensation that I was feeling after leaving it on for 5 minutes. Might just be my skin but I've never had this type of reaction before so I wiped it off in case it got worse.

  • FashionReview

    Very realistic gel blood, especially when wet - did burn a bit on my skin when I put it on (I didn't have any scars or anything). Also, it peels off after a while..topping up is needed - on the plus side, it's extremely easy to peel off.

  • looks good

    Looks good and feels real.

  • Easy for first timers

    Never used gel blood before but managed to create a pretty horrific looking wound for Halloween. Really easy to use and pretty realistic. Some bits started peeling but in my case it just added to the look.

  • Good

    Thick, didn't drip too much.

  • Brilliant

    Great product, it worked really well but did take a long time to dry, and after afew hours started to rub off. Very easy to wash off and looked the part.

  • Love it

    I love this and will definitely get it again! It looks very realistic but does take a while to dry.

  • Halloween accesories

    Fake blood, very realistic, would buy again.

  • fake blood

    Fantastic product just be careful as it stains clothes and leaves a mark on the skin

  • Excellent Value

    excellent value and a great addition to costume

  • snazaroo or snazapoo

    went on lovely but took me 2 days to wash off

  • Gelly Good

    I bought this at the same time as the Theatre Blood, as I couldn't decide which one I would be best to enhance my "Bloody Brain" costume. It was a good addition and was used to add globs of blood to my brain. Like the theatre blood (if not more so), this gel takes quite a while to dry - I put some on my brain the day before I needed it and is was just about dry, so some forward planning may be needed to use this. I used more of the theatre blood than this gel. I didn't try the gel on clothes or my skin. I used this gel just the once, so there is loads left in the bottle (it doesn't actually look like I used any!). On the whole I was happy with this fake gel blood, it added nicely to the Blood Brain and there is plenty left to use again next time. If it dried a bit quicker, it may have got 5 stars.

  • James

    Not bad quality fake blood, but you can get it much cheaper elsewhere

  • Anjel

    Very good effect and looked very realistic but took a little while to dry. However, I have sensitive skin and it started to tingle so I took it off straight away, but my husband had no reaction to it. Also took a couple of scrubs to wash it off!

  • gush gush gush

    fab fake blood! good value product and so easy to use. .splash it all over!

  • Think it was good.

    The little phial took my friends attention that they just grabbed it. Unfortunately I didn't even have the chance to test it, but my friends definitely had their fun! :-)

  • F

    Good product. Easy to apply and looked good.

  • Great Blood

    This blood is excellent, small bottle but goes a long way, we used about a third of the bottle and created loads of splatter and handprints. Washes off skin too which is a bonus :)

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