Vampire Fangs (Billy-Bob Teeth)
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Vampire Fangs (Billy-Bob Teeth)

Due to successful TV shows such as the Vampire Diaries and of course the Twilight movies, vampire fangs are definitely the must have accessory this Halloween. Billy-Bob Teeth are super realistic custom-fit joke teeth made with the very same acrylics used in making dentures.

These Transylvanian teeth are an off-white color to give an ultra realistic effect. Comfortable to wear they are easy to eat, drink and talk in whilst wearing.

The teeth are secured using thermal fitting beads included in the pack. The beads are heated in a cup of hot water to create a warm plastic which is then placed in the teeth mould. This is then pressed over teeth to make an 'impression' (rather like a dentist). The teeth are then removed to allow the plastic to cool and harden. They will then fit perfectly to the individual wearer and will hold securely in place. Full instructions are included but do not worry if it does not work the first time you can remould the fitting plastic over and over again until you get a perfect fit.

We also recommend additional Billy-Bob Thermal Fitting Beads for future use of the teeth and a carry case for safe and secure storage. Both of these are sold separately. Teeth should not be used with braces or crowns.


Important Note Teeth should <b>not</b> be used with braces or crowns.
Material Acrylic Fibre
Packaging Resealable Plastic Container
Product Suitability Adult Specific Item - All Ages Over 15 Years
Geographical Restriction NOT North America (USA/Canada)
CE Mark
Product Type Fancy Dress Accessory
Colour White


Customer Reviews

Average score 3.8 out of 5
  • Billy Bob Vampire Fangs

    Good quality item with easy to understand fitting instructions. Fitting took a few attempts, but once fitted, they look great.

  • Double Take

    When I smiled at my 12 year old daughter, she screamed and took a double take. Very realistic item.

  • Good

    The teeth had great quality to them and were well priced for this. However I couldn't wear them due to my front 2 teeth being the slightest bit longer than the others so they looked a little daft.

  • A resounding success!

    At first I thought I was mad to spend this amount of money on false teeth, but boy was I wrong! These were easy to fit, extremely comfortable, stayed in ALL night and were soooo REALISTIC! Completely worth every penny :-)

  • Vampire Fangs

    Amazing, stayed in place all night long.

  • Fangtastic

    Exactly what I needed to Vamp it up, glue held well and with no teething problems. I'd chew'se these again. Arrived very snappily.

  • Very easy to use

    These teeth look great and are pretty easy to fix and wear. Great for Halloween or cosplay.

  • Fangs

    Very pleased with this item, easy to wear and look real.

  • Teeth

    Worked well (once I read the instructions) but don't worry if you muck it up like I did the first time you can reshape the moulding to fit properly by reheating it.

  • Billy-bob Fangs

    The product was fine but on viewing I found that I was unable to wear them due to fact I have caps. A bit more detail on this make people aware if this then decide whether to buy or not. Thank you.

  • Good Teeth

    Good product, had problems with first set but got in touch and a new pair sent out quickly.

  • A***** item

    Bought these for a fancy dress. Really simple, easy to use and take about 5-10 minutes to firm but once they're in, job's a goodun! No issues would definitely recommend, great product and good company.

  • Vampire Fangs

    Very disappointed, they snapped in half with very little pressure whilst trying to fit them, a waste of money!!

  • Vampire Fangs

    Fit great, look real.

  • Quality Costumes

    I was quite impressed with the quality of the costumes, and the customer service/postage experience was excellent.

  • Vampire Fangs


  • Easy to fit - difficult to speak!

    The fangs were easy to fit using the special beads which you melt in a cup of hot water. They give a good look. The only trouble, it's very difficult to speak, eat or drink with them in, so they quickly had to come out at the party I was at.

  • Poor Quality

    Poor quality for the price.

  • Vampire Teeth

    Very realistic,comfortable and stayed in. Good product

  • Look great

    Bought two pairs of these teeth for myself and my partner, I managed to break mine into two, be warned they are very brittle. The other pair didn't fit my mrs as they were to wide a fit and looked more comical than scary, I used her pair and eventually managed to get them to fit me, they did look good I must say. I went down to my local fancy dress store and purchased a £3.99 pair of individual fangs for her which really looked good. So overall great looking teeth providing you do not have a narrow set of teeth, very brittle they do not have any flex and will snap if you are not careful.

  • Vampire Fangs

    These were excellent, well worth the money, did what they said on the packet, stayed in place all night & looked scarily real!

  • Vampire fangs

    Looked like real teeth (made of hard plastic) and came with a pack of thermal fitting beads - Found it didn't fit very well over my slightly prominent front teeth (looked a bit like a goofy Benny Hill!) but couldn't fault the quality.

  • A different set of teeth

    Purchased these for the coming haloween night :). They are quite good as you can talk pretty easy with them in. The only thing i would say is that the instructions are not very good. I would suggest putting the plastic mould AND teeth in boiling water rather than just the mould in hot water. This allows the teeth to bend around your teeth making a better fit.

  • Really convincing

    I was worried about the thermal beads after reading a few negatives online but I had no problem. The teeth stay in and look great. Cant wait to wear them at Halloween now.

  • Dodgy Dentures

    Although these teeth looked impressive, unfortunately they broke in half as soon as I tried to fit them!

  • Easy to use, look fang-tastic!

    I decided to rock the vampire Bella from Twilight look. The beads were a little fiddly but the effort was worth it. The teeth look brilliant and I could speak easy. Keeping them for Halloween.

  • Vampire Fangs (Billy-BobTeeth)

    Found the thermal fitting beads fiddly to use and the teeth not very substantial and awkward to keep in.

Q & A

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  • How well do the teeth stay on if you are eating or drinking?

    The putty should be sufficient to hold the teeth in place for a significant amount of time. Although it is possible to eat and drink while wearing these teeth, we would suggest that you should keep your eating and drinking to a reasonable amount.

  • Do these teeth fit over all of the teeth in your mouth?

    These teeth will fit over approximately your first 6 front teeth.

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