80s Fancy Dress Costumes

Dance back into the glamorous ’80s with our wide range of ‘80s costumes. The 1980s was a time of neon jumpsuits, bright lights, mullets, and iconic pop music. Legends such as Madonna, WHAM, David Bowie, and Michael Jackson set the tone for wild but trendy fashion, and Saturday night discos were all the rage. Relive this iconic era with vibrant 80s fancy dress ideas that will jet you back to the past. 80s movies, fashion trends, artists and events are all inspiration for the outfits we have on offer! Women will be a fan of our 80s Wild Child Madonna Costume, whilst guys can don a ‘Made in the 80’s’ T-shirt with plenty of accessories. If you’re going to the party as a couple, how about a Shell Suit for the guy and Skater Girl look for the girl? You’ll both look great! 1980s fancy dress parties are one of the most popular themes for a party and there’s a very good chance you’ve been invited to one! It’s ideal for special birthdays, high school reunions, corporate parties, house gatherings and any other excuse to dress up and relive the golden era. Once you’ve picked out your ‘80s outfit, accessorise with a neon sweatband, high-volume wig, and colourful jewellery to perfect the look!