Adult World Book Day Costumes

Every year, World Book Day captivates the heart of thousands of children in over 100 countries worldwide. And we know how much the kids absolutely love it when you have a part to play in their imaginative world. So this time, we’re inviting all grown-ups to join their fantasies with our mesmerising Adult World Book Day Costumes to have them appreciate the joys of literature. From fairytales to period classics, our World Book Day Costumes for adults cover some interesting characters that’ll wow the kids or leave them laughing themselves silly. Whether it be Wizard of Oz, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, or Mary Poppins, we have the best-detailed costumes for these iconic books featuring a variety of well-recognised wigs, masks, and jumpsuits, and we even go right up to plus sizes. There’s always a wise, smart, and inspiring character in a children’s story, and as their role model, this is where you can step in and make a difference! Bring their story to life with our adult World Book Day fancy dress. We promise the children will be overwhelmed with excitement!