Air Hostess Costumes

Air hostesses are known to always look immaculate and well-groomed, so we hope you’re ready to be on your best beauty behaviour with these air hostess uniforms. We have some sophisticated air hostess outfits embellished with logo designs to make you look like an official cabin crew member. You’ll look elegant and smart while you wear these well-cut and tailored suits and dresses topped off with a hat and empowered with a posh necktie. The sexiest costume of all is our Bunny Hostess Costume - but be warned that it’ll have you at everyone’s beck and call as you’ll look too hot to resist. To look even more official, slap on some red lippy, a pair of heels, and get you a French manicure for a clean-cut and conservative look. If you’re looking for air hostess Halloween costumes, then all you need to do is just add some bloody stockings, gruesome wounds, and a wild Halloween wig - the only way to get your passengers into flight mode. Get ready for your next destination in our professional air hostess fancy dress costumes today!