Caveman Costumes | Cave Girl Costumes

Zap back 5000 years to the Stone Age, where our prehistoric ancestors roamed the earth alongside an amazing variety of animals and landscapes. Become a Stone Age citizen yourself with our cool collection of caveman costumes and cave girl costumes for adults and children. They're great for groups and are sure to have you looking your best at the party! Caveman fancy dress is a popular theme for student nights out, house parties, special birthday celebrations and even summer music festivals. Messy hair, leopard print outfits, bone necklaces and fur jackets are all part of the caveman fashion trend and now you can get involved! For the iconic cave woman appearance that’s great for those on a budget, check out our Adult Cavegirl Outfit, whilst men will love this deluxe Barney Rubble Costume from The Flintstones. The Flintstones are probably the most famous cave people around and we have outfits for the whole group. Fred, Wilma, Barney, Wilma and Pebbles make a fantastic family dress-up idea. For cave girls of a smaller size, check out our fabulously fun Kid's Cave Girl Outfit with wig. Once you’ve chosen your caveman outfit, accessorise with pre-historic jewellery, a club and other quirky caveman accessories to complete the look!