Mens Costumes

Are you a man or a mouse? Because it’s time to boldly go where no man has gone before with fancy-dress. We have the coolest and most hilarious fancy dress ideas for men for a night out on the town, and creations you wouldn’t even think of! From ‘80s costumes to bad taste fancy dress, our men's costumes get more and more popular for its originality, creativity, and boldness, and are a year-on-year winner for Halloween and stag parties. If you’re the bloke always up for a laugh, take a look at some of our funny men’s costumes such as our bestsellers Freddie Mercury and Road Cone. Or be brave with one of our cheeky novelty outfits that’ll make you twice the man than all the rest, like our outrageous Knob Jockey. For the dapper boy that’s stylishly smart, our head-turning Opposuits couldn't be any slicker. But if you’re the macho type that prefers something more roguish and heroic, then our men's pirate and superhero costumes are manly enough! Just think Batman, 1920s, devils, Gatsby, medieval, Oktoberfest, and pretty much everything. Liven the party and score some pointers with our hassle-free, down to earth men’s costumes. Why not check out our wicked Fancy Dress Accessories to give your costume a cooler look.