Uniform Fancy Dress Costumes

Everyone looks good in uniform and now you don't have to be a professional in the field to wear one! We have a wide variety of uniform fancy dress, from doctors and dentist, to soldiers, builders, flight attendants and pilots. Whatever uniform look you're trying to perfect and whoever you're trying to impress, we have a costume for you! The uniforms come in a variety of styles for both adults and kids, across many different professions, tailored to different budgets. Men will look suave in a British Policeman Uniform Costume, or don the surgeon look made famous in the ER and Scrubs TV series' with a Doctor and Stethoscope Outfit. Nurse Outfits are always popular with the ladies and we have both naughty and nice! It's not all modern professions either. Our uniform costumes cover different decades and key points in history. Check out this Male Fighter Pilot Uniform from WW2. School girl or prison warden and everything in between, you'll find uniform fancy dress for every occasion here on Joke.co.uk. It's a great choice for themed birthday parties, festivals, corporate events, nights out and even Halloween if you don't fancy wearing something traditionally scary.