Western Fancy Dress & Wild West Costumes

Whether you want to be a gun-slinging cowboy or cowgirl, a rough and rowdy Sheriff, or a member of a Native American tribe, we've got you covered for Wild West Costumes here on Joke.co.uk! We have Western fancy dress for both adults and kids, with a variety of outfits to perfectly suit a Wild West themed party. Use the theme for special birthdays, a surprise celebration, house party, student night out and any other occasion that calls for dressing up with a cool but easy to dress-up theme. Guys will love our Wandering Gunslinger Western Outfit, whilst ladies have a selection of cowgirl, saloon girl and can-can costumes such as this one. For the aspiring cowgirl in your family, check out our Children's Rodeo Cowgirl Costume. Alternatively, if you've decided on a Western theme for Halloween, look no further than our Ghostly Mexican Bandit costume for a spooky twist. Perfect your western costume appearance with accessories ranging from toy guns, holsters, hats and spurs for cowboys, to Indian axes, headdresses and warpaint for the Apache look. The theme is excellent for large groups and you'll have plenty of fun re-creating a Wild West scene with your friends, storming into the saloon and ordering the local Tequila. Pick your Wild West fancy dress, jump onto your horse and ride off into the sunset!