American Costumes

To look as American as apple pie, take a peek at our American football players, brave cowboys, and native Indian costumes - a favourite for Western-themed parties. Otherwise, why not imitate the famous looks of some fantastic American celebs and icons. Ladies can be a Hollywood sex symbol in a pretty Marilyn Monroe Wig with a luxury feather boa, look as sweet and tasty as a cupcake in a Katy Perry costume, or shake your pom-poms in one of our hot Cheerleader costumes. Guys looking to be the comedian of the party can wear our 90s Prince outfit to imitate Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, or be the most hated man in the world disguised as Donald Trump. The Statue of Liberty is here too, and plenty more big ol' Stars and Stripes inspired costumes that are perfect for all sorts of occasions. Be as American as can be with your favourite look.