Angel Wings | Butterfly Wings | Fairy Wings

Are you planning on dressing as a cute butterfly, heavenly angel or fluttering fairy for a costume party? Find a cool collection of butterfly wings, angel wings and fairy wings for adults and kids here on The wings sets attach perfectly to the back of your costume and can be combined with your own clothes or a fancy dress outfit. Choose these vibrant Colourful Butterfly Wings for the enchanted forest look or dress your little girl as an angel for the school Christmas play with this cute set of Angel Wings and a Halo. If you’re looking to create an arch or ‘dark’ angel appearance a set of Large Black Wings will give you the look you’re going for. Looking for the ultimate flying accessory for Halloween? These huge bat wings will perfect your costume and have you looking fabulous for the party! Browse our full collection of wing accessories and use them for themed birthday parties, festivals, school plays, Halloween and any other excuse you have to dress up!