Animal Masks

Crafted in high-quality materials such as rubber and latex, these are not the bog-standard masks you normally find. From moving-mouth masks to overhead masks, the intricate detail on each is sure to impress yourself and guests and make you indistinguishable from the real animal. Perfect for a zoo, animal or letter themed party, there are many occasions throughout the year which calls upon the need for a fascinating animal face mask. The Easter Bunny cannot go delivering eggs around the garden without his rose-pink nose and floppy ears and a chimp mask is perfect for monkeying around in with the little ones. Our animal masks for adults are great to bring animals to life, and our most popular choices are the Horse Mask, Pig Mask, and Tiger Mask. If you’re looking for creepy animal masks for Halloween, our Scary Pig Mask, Scare Bear Mask, and Moving Mouth Werewolf Mask are top picks. Become an animal with this instant character solution and pick your favourite animal mask for next day delivery.