Arabian Costumes

We hope you’re ready for our collection of Arabian Costumes that are as hot as the Middle Eastern deserts! Featuring sheiks, sultans, and harem princesses, there's bound to be an outfit here to pique your interest. A popular theme for hen-dos, club nights, and also the warmer months, we have some Arabian fancy dress ideas to make you feel as good as you look when attending your next costume party. If you want to, you can recreate the adventures of Lawrence of Arabia or wear an Aladdin Genie Costume, great options for a film theme party too. A popular choice among the ladies, perhaps you wish to convert yourself into a belly dancer to bring an exotic ambience to the event. Our Belly Dancer Arabian Costume boasts a pretty jewelled bra top, headpiece, and skirt to look like the beautiful diamond amongst all the other guests. We have some traditional looking Arab outfits too, from checkered headpieces to long robes, all you need is an Arab Beard and sunglasses to look like a rich sheik and straight out of the Middle East. Our treasure trove of Arabian fancy dress costumes is sure to help make those party nights even hotter. Pick your favourite Arabian outfit for next day delivery.