Austin Powers Costumes

Starring the hilarious Mike Myers, our eccentric wardrobe of Austin Powers fancy dress will bring to mind the silly humour of this action-comedy film series. Austin, the International Man of Mystery, is possibly one of the most indiscreet spies to send on a mission. But you won’t be any more low-key when you become the hard-partying, sex-mad womaniser in our gigolo Austin Powers purple suit or retro blue velvet suit. As for his stark mad enemy, you can attempt to take over the world as Dr.Evil, or be a foul-mouthed Fat Bastard, but only if you can promise not to let off a few rounds unless it’s taking shots at the bar. For the foxy ladies and Goldmember fanatics, we have some shagadelic costumes with a few sexy wigs to match that’ll look just right for the ‘60s and ‘70s theme. These old-school outfits are perfect for film fancy dress or ‘60s costume parties, so get down and boogie with the one you love most.

Look extra goofy or bootylicious in your Austin Powers outfit with our sleek wig collection and accessories.