Avatar Costumes

Avatar, the highest-grossing movie of all time, is a super-sleek sci-fi set in the year 2154 and is based around the conflict between aliens and humans. Inspired by the distinctive blue Na'vi characters from the movie, we've got both Jake Sully costumes and Neytiri costumes for adults and children prepared to look out-of-this-world for any dress-up occasion. Our Avatar fancy dress outfits will turn you into a blue-skinned Avatar its blue jumpsuits and matching shirt and trousers combo featuring strips and a long, sweeping tail. To really look like the jungle-clan, all you need is a full head of dreadlocks for an Avatar wig and blue face paint to be the spitting image. You’ll find these costumes figure-flattering and comfortable with great detail, and would be perfect for Halloween or a movie costume party. Transform into one of these advanced blue creatures with one of our amazing Avatar Costumes.