Bad Taste Fancy Dress | Rude Costumes

Warning! If you are easily offended, our Bad Taste fancy dress costumes may not be for you. Here at Jokers' Masquerade we decided to be a little rebellious, by compiling this collection of wonderfully inappropriate rude costumes for adults, for those who like to push the boundaries. Our offensive fancy dress costumes are perfect for those with a naughty sense of humour, or for anyone about to go on a stag do that wants to embarrass their stag! It's also great for a night out, themed birthday party and any occasion where you want to shock the guests and cause plenty of laughs. Rude fancy dress comes in a variety of themes and options, from naughty and silly to outright shocking, and we're sure we have something to impress you! Ladies will turn some heads in a Women's Censored Costume, whilst a Flashing Banana Outfit is both devious and hilarious! For something completely random, dress as a giant breast! From our Well Hung Highlander to our Harry Plopper costume, you'll be sure to cause a few sniggers. Browse our full collection of bad taste costumes here on and have a good laugh picking out your costume.