Bad Taste and Shocking Fancy Dress Costumes

WARNING! If you are easily offended our Bad Taste Costumes may not be for you. In a world where political correctness has gone mad, we decided to be a little rebellious by compiling this collection of wonderfully inappropriate costumes specifically for those who like to push the boundaries. Prince Harry received a right royal dressing down for his choice of costume back in 2007 which created headlines around the world. These costumes are sure to create a similar shock and awe response from your fellow party goers. Dictators, terrorists, disgraced celebrities, body parts plus many more bad taste fancy dress ideas are waiting here to ensure you stand out from the crowd and raise a few eyebrows. If your costume requirements include outrageous, unique and tasteless then this collection is for you. All we ask is please remember your audience and ensure Granny is out of the room before donning one of these scandalous bad taste costumes.