Bananaman Costumes

Cult English superhero of the ‘80s, Bananaman drew his powers from eating a single banana! But don’t worry if you’re not feeling peckish, all you need is our official range of Bananaman costumes. Bananaman is a hilarious parody of traditional superheroes, and his powers include flight and superhuman strength. He’s not the sharpest tool in the box, so we hope you’re ready to be full of silly accidents. Our blue-and-yellow banana-themed outfit gives you his bulging biceps and muscle-chest for the ultimate superhero physique. For the lady that loves her 5-a-day, we have a Bananawoman costume that can be tailored to any figure and would look perfect as a duo costume with Bananaman. As he’s the clumsiest superhero, our Bananaman fancy dress would be a hilarious outfit at your themed party, especially our Bananaman Piggy Back Costume. If you’re looking to stand out in a superhero crowd, these outfits are right up your street. Before you go bananas, hurry and get your Bananaman costume before they run out!