Beetlejuice Costumes

Betelgeuse is a troublemaking, perverted ghost from the classic ‘80s comedy-horror Beetlejuice, and he’s the inspiration behind our classic Beetlejuice fancy dress range. Be the best dressed ghost at the Halloween party in a Beetlejuice suit, featuring a black-and-white striped jacket with matching trousers and a tie to look charmingly spooky. For the creepy ladies, you’ll be the sexiest thing to crawl out from the grave in our female Beetlejuice costumes. We’ve twisted his infamous suit into a tutu dress and strapless corset that includes a cute mini top hat, crazy grey wig, and more, depending on what tickles your fancy. Better yet, why not partner up with a loved one in these Beetlejuice Halloween costumes to win the vote of the creepiest couples costume for Halloween. Our Beetlejuice outfits are well-tailored with a comfortable fit, and for outstanding Beetlejuice makeup, our face paints will provide the ultimate ghostly look. Scare the town in as this insane horror icon, but when you become this freak try not to grope and peep at all the women.