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Do you have an upcoming festival this summer with your nearest and dearest? It’s been a hot minute since festivals took place again, but this year, we’re going all out, which means more outrageous costumes for you to choose from! Head to Creamfields, Glastonbury or Leeds festival in style and swap your boring festival outfit for something a bit more fun. Get into theme, gather your friends and transform into the legendary pop band, The Beatles. Alternatively, cause headaches and challenge each other to blend into the crowd dressed as Where’s Wally. We’ve put together a list of trending festival fancy dress costume ideas to inspire you for this summer’s festival line-up. Let’s go!


Colour-me-in crayons

Add a dash of colour to your upcoming festival and bring back some nostalgia from the 90s. Kids who grew up in the 1990’s will be familiar with the iconic crayon brand, Crayola. They’re great for colouring keeping the kids entertained on a rainy day and come in a range of different colours. Team up with the friends you grew up with and relive the good old days as you dance to your favourite songs.

Adult crayon costumes
Life’s a beach lifeguards

It’s time for you to practice your best slow-mo run to the beach and save someone’s life. Whether you’re looking to be the next David Hasselhoff, or Pamela Anderson, you’ll look the part at the music festival! This festival fancy dress idea is great for those super-hot festivals abroad in Europe or any pool party events.

Lifeguard costumes

Fiesta-time Mexican outfits

If you’re into partying and fancy adding a dash of culture, then a Mexican themed outfit is the one for you! They’re fun, colourful and perfect for music festivals. Get your friends together and become the ultimate band of mariachi performers, or suit up with a simple poncho and a bottle of your favourite spirit. One shot, two shots, tequila, floor! 

Mexican costumes


The festival superhero

Superheroes are a festival fancy dress classic. In fact, there probably isn’t a music festival you’ve been to where you haven’t seen a superhero costume parading through the crowd. With hundreds of superheroes to choose from, it’s a costume idea that will never get old. There’s something different for everyone too, even if you’re hitting the festival with a huge group of friends!

Superhero costumes

Toy soldier squad

Left-right-left-right, ATTENTION! It’s tough work being in a suit all day and marching left to right, but if you’re up for the challenge, then we’re all here for it! Turn up to your upcoming music festival dressed as a toy soldier from the hit Disney movie, Toy Story. It’s a classic group idea and involves a lot of green paint, so prepare for a messy weekend! Looks awesome in the photos though…

adult toy story army man costume

Retro rockstars

Next up on our list of the best festival fancy dress costumes is one for the rock gods out there! Do you consider yourself as being a bit of a rockstar? Show other partygoers what you’ve hidden for so long and whip out that air guitar at the festival. No a skilled musician? No worries; you can just live the rockstar lifestyle for the full weekend. Dress as your favourite solo icon or form a rock band for the festival.

Rockstar costumes

Get in tune

Add a unique spin to the festival fancy dress theme by dressing as an actual music player. iPod, boom box, or just a whole boatload of music accessories. They’re right on trend for the festival and there’ll be no question as to who or what you’re dressed as. Why make it more complicated than it needs to be?

Music fancy dress costumes

Where’s Wally?

Do you remember spending hours upon hours trying to find that man in a red and white striped top? If you fancy causing headaches with your friends, team up and cause absolute havoc at your upcoming festival as you try to spot each other in the crowd. Isn’t part of the fun of festivals getting lost? This festival fancy dress idea works best when you dress up your whole entourage!

Wheres wally costumes
The Beatles

Without a doubt, the most iconic British pop group is The Beatles. Whether you grew up in the 80s or not, is doesn’t matter! Dance to ‘Yellow Submarine’ or their famous ‘Yesterday’ as you end the first night of the festival and head back to your tent. This one is ideal for a group of four friends. Do them proud, guys!

The Beatles fancy dress costumes


80s disco fever

It’s time to bring back the mighty 80’s decade with your friends, boogying on down to some you cheesy classic hits. 80’s fashion and culture is completely on trend this year. Therefore, the costume theme is going to be a hit at the festival, no matter the genre. OK, maybe not a metal festival… Don those retro colours and give your group a disco make-over.

80s fancy dress costumes

Hawaiian beach party

You might only be in the UK, but have a little bit of imagination and transport yourself and your friends to an exotic island in Hawaii. Shake them hips and practice the hula dance. Grab a pina colada and pretend you’re in musical paradise with this fantastic festival fancy dress costume choice!

Hawaiian costumes
60’s festival style

The next costume on our list of the best festival fancy dress costumes is one for those who want to the iconic decade of festivals, the 1960’s. The 60’s were all about bright colours, relaxed vibes and of course, flower power! Hippie outfits are always in during summer festival season, so show off and dazzle others with some peace, love and ‘chill vibes’.  

1960s hippie costumes
A 6-pack of beers

No music festival would be complete without having a beer or two, would it? Show up to the festival in style, but also as a reminder to other festival-goers to always have a beer in hand. Beer costumes come in plenty of shapes and sizes, so choose a variety that best suits you. Even better if you match it with the drink you’re drinking!

beer bottle costumes

The stylish 6-pack of beers

Beer isn’t just for the guys! A lot of women love a good old fashioned pint, especially at a festival. Slip into a more sophisticated beer festival costume with one of these quick but stylish beer themed dresses. Dress all of the girls the same or assign a unique look to everyone. The choice is yours...

beer dress costumes

Too early for Oktoberfest?

Next up on our list of the best festival fancy dress costumes is for all lovers of Oktoberfest. Whilst it might not be October quite just yet, Bavarian fancy dress is an all-year-round theme that’s especially popular for festivals. So, pop on your lederhosen and ace those German table-dancing moves. This outfit pairs perfectly with a beer in hand. Prost!

Oktoberfest costumes

Festival golfers

Popular amongst students and any big bar crawl, pub golf is a top party costume choice for groups. There won’t be any holes to putt at the festival, but instead, you and your friends can create your own drinking game, touring the mini side-stage bars and seeing what’s going on at each stage. It’s a quick and easy festival fancy dress idea that the whole group will like.

Orange pub golf costumes

Iconic popstars

The final costume on our list is one for the girls. What better way to reminisce decades of music festivals than dressing as some of the most memorable pop icons of the past 30 years? The Spice Girls, Madonna, Britney, Rihanna and Beyonce are part of the endless list of options you have at your disposal. 

music popstars costumes
We’ve come to the end of our list of the best festival fancy dress costumes! We hope we inspired you to ditch the casual festival outfit and go all out with some brilliant fancy dress. If you weren’t able to find anything suitable for you and your friends, check out our full range of outfit ideas here. All that’s left to do is grab your wristband, assemble your tend and party on down to Stage 1…
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