Boys World Book Day Costumes

Kapow! Once again, World Book Day is around the corner, and ready to be saved by your brave boy! In our bookstore of Boys World Book Day Costumes, we desperately need your little man to breath life in some of the greatest in literature. Jokers’ Masquerade boasts the best popular male characters that’ll have your son engrossed in books, getting into action, and looking the coolest in the playground. With sizes ranging from 12 months to aged 13, you can zap off the shelf anything from a scrumptious Gingerbread Man outfit, big and hairy Gruffalo costume, or for the heroic sons that love to save the world, a superhero one. And for World Book Day ideas for the older boys, perhaps a Harry Potter or Billionaire Boy outfit will do the trick. There’s no need to be stuck for boys World Book Day outfit ideas. We've got it all, and at prices that won't break the bank. Whiz around our page of boys World Book Day fancy dress to find characters that’ll do wonders in letting their creativity run wild.