Bride and Groom Halloween Costumes

If you’re seeking a unique costume this Halloween, these extravagant outfits will even stand out among the scariest creatures haunting the streets. From the spooky bride and groom outfits to scary characters like Bride of Chucky and Bride of Frankenstein, whatever you choose you’ll creep out all the party guests. With our elegant collection of bride Halloween costumes, you’ll be the most beautiful dead bride anyone has ever seen. Stride into the party with a long-flowing wedding dress adorned with pretty lace and ribbon yet destroyed with blood and creepy ragged cuts for an even bigger impression. These groom Halloween costumes will complement your bride perfectly with some matching suits that look both charming and spooky. If you’re looking for a bouquet for the big day, walk down the aisle with our Black Rose Bouquet - perfect to match your bleak appearance. Brides and grooms drain the blood from your faces with our Ghost Makeup Kit for an extreme deadly look. For the Halloween party, you can choose to wear these costumes with your plus one or by yourself. Pick wisely, it’ll be for the un-happiest day of your life!