Captain America Costumes

You don’t need Super-Soldier Serum to become the leader of the Avengers. Simply morph into our supernatural Captain America Costumes and get the mighty power you need. Captain America is famous for his intimidating strength and fast speed that beats all his challengers in both comic and film. But most of all, he wouldn’t be seen dead without his indestructible shield that can be used as a weapon or defense from attack. Evolving since the 1940s, we have various Captain America costumes for adults and children to become your favourite version of the country’s top defender. Inspired by the comic books is our Classic Captain America costume, suitable for old-school comic fans. Otherwise, we’ve got a Deluxe Captain America costume as seen in the Avengers film to match his growing combat skills. With this outfit, your speed and stamina will lead the party like you do battle, with only a few being able to keep up with you. Grab your shield and help save the planet in our Captain America Costumes.