Carnival Costumes & Fancy Dress

From Notting Hill Carnival in London, to Las Fallas in Valencia, Carnevale di Venezia in Venice and the world-famous 'Carnaval' in Rio de Janeiro, we have everything you need to impress! In addition to street parties, carnival outfits are great for a circus theme. Go to a traditional fairground and look the part or dress up for your own circus performance. Ladies will love this eccentric Harlequin Costume or a quirky 'alcoholic drink' inspired dress. For guys, we have a trendy collection of 'Oppo-suits'; bright coloured suits that are designed solely to make you stand out from the crowd. Check out our Men's Bright Orange Oppo-Suit. Morphsuits are another popular choice for carnivals. They're quick, great value, and come in a variety of colours and quirky styles. Our Tuxedo Morphsuit is a firm favourite! Once you've selected your carnival fancy dress costume, accessorise with tutu's, hats, petticoats, feather boa's and more. Think bright and colourful and select an ensemble that will allow you to totally lose yourself in the party spirit!