Catwoman Costumes

A seductive thief, this cat-like superhero walks a fine line between villain and hero. Her fighting and gymnastic skills have her either slinking through dark alleys to get her claws on jewels or helping Batman bring down the bad guys! Our Catwoman Costumes are figure-hugging catsuits, so when you cross everybody’s path, the only thing you’ll be stealing is their hearts. From pointed-ear headpieces to Catwoman masks, we have everything to give you this ultra-feminine look and draw attention to your eyes. We even have a Halle Berry Catwoman costume, featuring a sexy black leather-look crop top with crossed straps across the midriff for a sexier look. With an outfit that's hot yet pretty modest, Catwoman fancy dress is the ideal outfit choice for Halloween and any occasion throughout the year. Look fierce and sexy dressed as Catwoman.

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