Chicken Costumes & Fancy Dress

Flap those wings and run around the room clucking! Dressing up in a chicken costume is one of the wackiest fancy dress ideas around and our quirky collection of outfits is exactly what you need to pull it off. Become a bright yellow chicken for an Easter party, animal party, Halloween, or any other reason you have to dress up as one of our feather-some friends. For a quick and easy chicken appearance that you can use again and again, check out our Chicken Morphsuit costume, which covers your entire body and has a brilliant face mask! For a hilarious poultry look that’ll be the hit of the party and any Christmas lunch, surprise the party guests dressed in a Giant Inflatable Turkey Costume. A personal favourite of ours and a cool twist on the theme is to dress in a Colonel Sanders Costume, the friendly old face behind the KFC fast food brand. Get your friend or partner to dress up in a chicken outfit for a fun couple’s costume idea. Find all of the chicken fancy dress you need to get flapping around at the party right here!