Childrens Star Wars Costumes

Star Wars has always been a popular theme for kids of all ages. From the original 6 movies to action figures, the animated Clone Wars TV series, video games and the most recent Disney Star Wars movies, kids are a big fan of the galactic universe. From noble Jedi’s and iconic good guys, to Darth Vader and the galaxy’s dark side of the force, we have an authentic collection of kids Star Wars costumes for boys and girls. They’re perfect for a fancy dress birthday party, school dress-up event, Halloween, or simply having fun in the garden or at home. They allow the kids to explore their full imagination in a world full of quirky characters and adventurous story lines! One of our favourite children’s Star Wars costumes is this cool Kid’s Yoda Costume, or an adorable Princess Leia Outfit for girls. Another character that attracts a huge fan base amongst kids is Rey, the young female Jedi that came to life in the recent Star Wars movies. Check out this authentic Children's Rey Outfit. Find all of our kids Star Wars fancy dress here on and help your little one pick out their favourite outfit.