Santa Hats & Head Attire

No Christmas party would be the same without a smattering of Santa hats and Christmas head attire. Christmas-themed headwear is a fantastic way to get into the festive spirit without having to dress from head to toe. Our fantastic range of Santa hats come in a variety of styles from plush, to glitter to light up. We also have a vast selection of Christmas head boppers, antlers and novelty hats, all guaranteed to look fantastic and spread some festive fun. Take a look around; there are stacks of Christmas-themed head pieces and Santa hats for you to choose from.

  • Santa Aviator Hat
    Santa Aviator Hat £3.55 £31.99
  • Traditional Santa Hat
    Traditional Santa Hat £2.95 £5.99
  • White Kitty Hat
    White Kitty Hat £7.95 £31.99
  • Christmas Hat
    Christmas Hat £0.99
  • King Crown
    King Crown (1) £2.99
  • Christmas Santa Hat
    Christmas Santa Hat (1) £0.99
  • Santa Chimney Hat
    Santa Chimney Hat (1) £7.99
  • Queen's Crown
    Queen's Crown (1) £2.45 £4.99
  • Adult Reindeer Hat
    Adult Reindeer Hat (1) £7.99
  • Mini Top Hat (Christmas)
    Mini Top Hat (Christmas) (1) £5.49
  • Queen Crown
    Queen Crown (2) £7.49
  • Candy Cane Headband
    Candy Cane Headband (2) £2.99
  • Luxury Santa Hat
    Luxury Santa Hat £2.49
  • Stag Night Antlers
    Stag Night Antlers £4.49
  • Turkey Gobbler Bonnet Hat
    Turkey Gobbler Bonnet Hat (1) £5.49
  • Striped Santa Hat
    Striped Santa Hat £5.95
  • Angel Halo
    Angel Halo (2) £2.99
  • Santa Kit
    Santa Kit £3.99
  • Adult Naughty Or Nice Santa Hat
    Adult Naughty Or Nice Santa Hat £4.99
  • Mini Santa Hat
    Mini Santa Hat £3.99