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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fantastic Costume

The costume is brilliant just one little thing the waist coat could do with being a little bigger

A decent outfit overall

The outfit was comfortable, a bit fiddly to get the top right when putting it on. People were impressed when I wore it. Only issue was the size of the hat, either it was very big or I have a very small head.

Excellent costume

Excellent costume. Jackets good- a thin velvet material, waistcoat attached to shirt and all velcro together down the front. Ladies you may want to wear something under it as the material is unattached at chest area. Trousers not the most flattering on a woman but then what fancy dress costume is. Overall very happy with this costume and delivery time.

Decent costume

It's a good costume - wore it to a fancy dress party and got a lot of comments (as well as a few shouts of "Oi, Willy Wonka!" as I walked to the venue!).The costume was a quite large but still wearable (I'm a 5'6'' woman, size 12-14). I wore a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath the waistcoat as the shirt part of the costume is just a fake front and doesn't go very far underneath the waistcoat. The quality is OK. There were a lot of loose threads and the hat was very dented.

Willie Wonka

Wore this costume for a doggy dancing comp, came 3rd, fabulous costume, looked great. Hope to get to crufts final with this routine so will be televised. I represent Wales in international comps. No doubt will be buying more from you in the future.