Freddy Krueger 3/4 Mask Accessory

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Size: One Size
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An official Nightmare on Elm Street licenced product, this Freddy Krueger 3/4 Facepiece Accessory will transform you into the disfigured demon himself! It’s the perfect accessory for those who either have their costume sorted for Halloween, or looking for something as simple, yet so effective as a mask.

The Freddy Krueger Mask Accessory is an incredibly realistic facemask with a lot of intricate detailing. You can see your skin peeling through from the mask, while your eyes are blood red and teeth as rotten as anything.

There’s no doubt that you’ll scare the living daylight out of your friends this October 31st!

Includes: Mask

Customer Reviews

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Philip H

The mask isn't exactly as the one shown in the picture, however, it's comfortable to wear, and made my 9 and 11 year old children scream and cry!

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