Mr Pink OppoSuit

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Size: Chest to 50"
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Everyone knows that real men wear pink, and our brilliant Mr Pink OppoSuit lets you do so in the form of a stylish suit.

The Mr Pink OppoSuit is a bright pink suit that's bound to get you loads of attention whenever you wear it with its matching jacket and trousers.

But the pinkness doesn't end there – there's also a pink tie that also comes with the suit, and which really finishes off the look.

Where can you wear a pink suit though? Because of the excellent quality of the tailoring this suit is sure to last again and again, grabbing maximum attention each time, meaning it will soon be a case of considering which event you can't wear it to.

Includes: Jacket, Trousers, Tie

Excludes: Shirt

Size Guide
Mens Chest to 36" 36-40" Chest, 33.5" Waist, Inside Leg 32.7"
Mens Chest to 38" 38-41.5" Chest, 34.5" Waist, Inside Leg 33"
Mens Chest to 40" 40-43" Chest, 35" Waist, Inside Leg 33.5"
Mens Chest to 42" 42-44.5" Chest, 36" Waist, Inside Leg 34"
Mens Chest to 44" 44-46" Chest, 37.5" Waist, Inside Leg 34.5"
Mens Chest to 46" 46-48" Chest, 39" Waist, Inside Leg 34.7"
Mens Chest to 48" 48-50.5" Chest, 41" Waist
Mens Chest to 50" 50-53" Chest, 43" Waist
Mens Chest to 52" 52-55" Chest, 45" Waist

Customer Reviews

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Chris W
Pink Opposuit

Couldn't have been more pleased with the suit. Really good fit. It certainly made an impression!

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