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Customer Reviews

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Very nice and better quality than I thought !

This costume is quite nice. But you must buy a smaller size than you would normally wear, as it is only effective if it is very close to your body, which would not be the case with your usual size (would look baggy, and kill the whole effect). It is very tight on the arms, and I wonder if someone with bigger arms (mine are rather slim) would manage to put it on... If your waist is slim, it is best to be worn with a belt, otherwise it "floats" around your mid- body. After being worn a couple of times (try it on and show-off around a bit ;0) the material gives away a bit, and you can squeaze in more confortably. Altogether very nice, but take one size down from your normal size.


I'm a size 10-12 and after reading the mixed reviews on sizing I was worried about whether to get a small 8-10 or medium 12-14 so I ordered both! Once received, I tried the small on first with little hope but was very happy to find it fitted perfectly. There was enough give in it but fitted nicely in all the right places! Better still, I dressed in this as a cat for Halloween and I had lots of compliments and a few drinks bought for me! ;) Would definitely recommend this outfit and this company!

Great Buy

Bought this as a black cat costume for a Halloween party, thought I'm sure there are a myriad of uses for it! Good fit, I'm a size 6-8 and xs fits perfectly. It's a little short in the legs as I'm 5ft 5ins but, as I'm wearing it with boots, it's not a problem. Looking forward to wearing it with the other cat-like accessories I've bought.

Fancy Dress Outfit

I thought this outfit was fantastic. It fits really well and looks great on. Does not look cheap at all. I am normally a medium however purchased a small after reading reviews saying the outfit is slightly bigger than sizes. And getting a size smaller worked perfectly for me.


Mighty fine.