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Blue iPod Dress

I can recall numerous tweets over the Jokers' masquerade Twitter account from people just like you requesting fancy dress ideas for a group of 5 people. If can be tough finding inspiration and also trying when appeasing so many people when organising everyone's dressing up. Forward this article on over to your friends and use it as a tool to throw around some costume ideas. Here's our tips for the best costumes for 5 people to wear.

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Mermaid Costume

An under the sea costume party may seem like a sparse selection of choice for a birthday party or event theme, you may find the general response is that all there is to dress as is a fish or a mermaid. You'll probably be happy to hear that that isn't the case. Today, there's loads of different outfit choices for you to slip into that are far more diverse than Finding Nemo or Ariel. Here's some costume suggestions that might just have you bobbing above the rest.

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Rocksolid Race Fancy Dress Ideas

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Cowgirl Dress

The Rocksolid Race is an incredible experience for runners that wish to really challenge themselves on an obstacle course that is both demanding and unforgiving. If you are attending one of the regular events held in Exeter or Milton Keynes and you wish to make your next race a tad more memorable, why not do it in fancy dress? Here's some costumes ideas that will be sure to provide an unforgettable experience and photo opportunity!

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Kaleidoscope wig

The tight and bright theme is an unusual topic that will require you to wear the loudest, most garish and slim-fitting combination that you can possibly throw together. The rules are simple, your chosen articles of clothing that complete your outfit need to be super bright in colour and nice and tight in the fitting. Below are some of our favourite costumes and accessories that perfectly fit the theme and will have you looking superb.

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Win A £250 Fancy Dress Bundle!

Thursday, March 17, 2016
Win £250 Fancy Dress Bundle Competition

Win an awesome bundle of brand new fancy dress costumes worth £250 in our latest competition!

A few times throughout the year we'll unveil a competition like this one to be able to get your hands on some awesome outfits for free. This is the biggest prize that we have offered so far in 2016 so you'll definitely want to get yourself entered. Simply enter with Rafflecopter. What are you waiting for?

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Cheerleader Costume

This year Sport Relief returns to make its biennial appearance on the BBC in an attempt to raise a load more money to help transform lives across the UK and in the world’s poorest communities.

If you're planning on joining some fundraising efforts you'll be needing an awesome looking costume to get folks digging deep in those pockets. Here's some of our current costumes ideas that we think would do just swell.

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