New Web Site & Stock System Launched

Last Friday was an ideal example where a customer telephoned Jokers' Masquerade in a crisis. She had ordered two items from a competitive online retailer on the Monday for a party on Saturday. She was informed late on the Thursday by her retailer that "the item has not been delivered on today's order" by their supplier. Not only this, arriving on the Friday was the second costume, dispatched as a completely different item as replacement, at a lower value item and given a differential refund. Not what she wanted at all. As in previous instances, Jokers' Masquerade were able to supply her with the two required costumes and have them delivered from stock on the Saturday.

Mrs Price, South Wales states "My partner & I wanted to go to the party dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. After being told by the people we ordered from previously that the wolf costume has not been delivered, we found and telephoned Jokers' Masquerade on the Friday in a panic. After confirming the wolf was in stock, we placed the order for a guaranteed Saturday delivery. Later that Friday morning a parcel arrived from the previous company with the wrong Red Riding Hood costume, a poor quality item sent as replacement and not what I wanted. A quick telephone call to Jokers' Masquerade and the Red Riding Hood costume was added to the order. Both costumes were received first thing on Saturday morning as promised and in plenty of time for us to get ready for the party. Jokers' Masquerade certainly got me out of a pickle. We thank you and I will recommend your company any day. "

Mark Lewis, Managing Director explains "This 'carry on' is typical within our online space and customers like you, are being let down. Some online retailers entice products for sale, sometimes at Sale prices, when they are not in stock and indeed sometimes, have even been discontinued by suppliers."

What the new Jokers' Masquerade system will do is allow customers to place an order in confidence, alerting customers should an item be awaiting a supplier delivery with an estimated delay timescale, or indeed advising if it is out of stock for the immediate future. The benefit to the customer is that they can be fully appraised of product availability to make appropriate purchase decisions and not be let down at the last minute.

Nicki Bolton, Customer Services concludes "If you know something is out of stock at the point of purchase, you will likely make a decision for something else. How frustrating it is to allow an online retailer to accept your order and let you down at the last minute under the guise of 'Contract Acceptance'. Granted we get it wrong sometimes in a very small minority of instances as systems and processes can sometimes let us down, however now and with our new web site with integrated stock control, it will allow you to place an order online with the confidence that your costume is in stock and can be processed for immediate shipping."

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