Shop With Confidence

Backed by the Government and supported by major retail websites such as Tesco, Royal Mail, B&Q, The AA, Argos and Boots, ISIS (Internet Shopping Is Safe) is a keystone in the bridge of trust between online retail shops and shoppers.

Mark Lewis, Managing Director explains "We receive many telephone calls from customers who are afraid to use their credit card online because of security concerns of the Internet, however they are happy to give their details over the telephone. The issue is, how do you know that we or any other online retailer is trustworthy? Furthermore and although Privacy Policies are important, how can you be assured that your personal data is safe? These are just two of the many concerns that you may have about buying online.

With our accreditation into the ISIS scheme, you can be assured that our VAT, Data Protection, similar company credentials and business practices have been checked and approved. We invite you to check our validity now for your peace of mind and comfort so that you can be assured that Internet Shopping Is Safe with Joker's Masquerade and you may buy confidence."

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