We're Safe From Hackers!

Yesterday we commissioned an audit of our website by a US company called ScanAlert to test our website for any security exploits. Within 24 hours we were audited and passed with flying colours, being approved and accredited as a 'Hacker Safe' website. So, what does that mean to a shopper?

Our http://www.joke.co.uk website will be tested on an ongoing daily basis to ensure that it passes both the FBI and SANS Institute security tests. If we pass, the Hacker Safe logo will appear on our website to show that it is safe to shop as we commit to help protect you from identity theft and credit card fraud. The ScanAlert logo is only visible on a website if it passes such daily test to ensure an ongoing awareness and includes the date of the last test pass:

Mark Lewis, Managing Director says "Surprisingly we still receive telephone calls from customers who still perceive Internet shopping to be unsafe and wish to give their credit card details over the telephone, commenting that they are afraid to enter credit card details into any website. Our accreditation with ScanAlert is again testament to our ever ongoing commitment to our customers that it is safe to shop at Jokers' Masquerade."

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