Earthcam Top 10 Award

Jokers' Masquerade previously won an award with Earthcam back in May 2005 and 2 years later, with a recent upgrade in their webcam technology, they have won again! The criteria Earthcam uses for judging includes image quality, uniqueness of content and overall technical achievement in webcam technology. As quoted by the Earthcam judges themselves, "these are the cameras that have amused, amazed, or astounded us."

Earth Cam, Jokers' Masquerade

Mark Lewis, Managing Director, says "We are honoured to have received this award. I originally installed these webcams as an assurance to customers that our online retail shop is a reliable and safe place to shop and that Jokers' Masquerade is a real place, with real staff, ready to process customer orders. Go and take a look for yourself and watch out for our new fork lift webcam coming soon!"

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