Best Selling Halloween Costumes 2008

An ideal costume for any Halloween or 1980s party theme and definitely a favourite here at Jokers' Masquerade.

Below are 10 of our bestselling UK Halloween Costumes at Jokers' Masquerade in 2008:

1) Adult Official Deluxe Ghostbusters Costume

Ghostbusters Costume

An ideal costume for any Halloween or 1980s party theme and definitely a favourite here at Jokers' Masquerade.

This fantastic eighties film costume includes a beige jumpsuit, which fastens at the front by zip. Jumpsuit comes with collar and colour Ghostbusters logo on right upper-sleeve and also above left breast pocket. There are two breast pockets with zips to keep ghost-busting gadgets in!

The inflatable proton pack comes with shoulder and waist straps and fasten with plastic buckles. The gun attaches to the backpack via Velcro. For extra value, the proton pack comes with a puncture repair patch in case of emergency.

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2) Edward Scissorhands Costume

Edward Scissorhands Costume

Adult movie line includes four pieces and is an official licensed Twentieth Century Fox product.

Costume includes a long sleeve black top with a faux suede look, foam collar, foam straps down the front only, vinyl polyester sleeves with a left faux leather shoulder cuff and faux leather separators. There is Velcro fastening at the base of the neck for easier fitting.

Costume also includes a synthetic fibre black wig. You will need to spend a minute crafting the look with a comb in a mirror. Add our wig cap for a comfortable fit.

The finishing touch includes two black cotton gloves with 15" long foam scissor blades on each finger plus button fastening.

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3) Adult Grave Groom Zombie Costume

Adult Grave Groom Zombie Costume

This fantastic deluxe seven piece costume is a popular line and comes in the high standard as pictured.

Costume includes long sleeve black shirt with skeleton bone print front.

Also included is a tattered gauze vest with faux buttons, matching gauze torn look jacket and elasticated gauze pants to be worn over your trousers.

Costume also includes wire trimmed top hat with attached tattered gauze and red trim, red worn look elasticated neck tie and black gloves with skeleton bone print.

Add the accessories to create the pictured look. You will need a pair of black trousers or jeans to complete this costume.

Some customers have used this line as one of those Voodoo skeletons from the James Bond movie set in New Orleans; Live & Let Die with Roger Moore.

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4) Adult Tinkerspell Costume

Adult Tinkerspell Fairy Halloween Costume

Adult scary-tale fairy costume includes two pieces and is ideal for an anti Fairytale or alternative statement.

Adult Halloween costume includes an unfinished yellow dress with elasticated bust-line, leather-look shoulder straps and torn and tattered fishnet overlay. The dress also features faux leather and ribbon straps with metal buckles.

Completing the costume we have black wings with a wire rim so that they can be shaped as desired.

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5) Complete Zombie Adult Costume

Adult Complete Zombie Halloween Costume

This fantasic deluxe costume comes to us from America and is of the high standard displayed.

Deluxe costume includes long sleeve tattered shirt with attached rotted flesh, chest and forearm rubber pieces and matching tattered trousers with elasticated waist plus realistic exposed rubber thigh and knee bones.

Completing this deluxe costume is a pair of black gloves with 3D rubber rotting flesh and exposed bones and a deluxe rubber mask with attached long grey hair and netted eyes so you can see out but no-one can see in.

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6) Adult Official Saw Jigsaw Puppet Costume

Adult Saw Jigsaw Puppet Costume

From the terrifying horror movie Saw comes the Adult Official Saw Jigsaw Puppet Costume.

Based on the Jigsaw Killer's ventriloquist's dummy, the Halloween costume includes a black jacket with a faux red handkerchief in the pocket.

Also included is a dickie and a pair of white gloves.

The finishing touch for this costume is a realistic mask featuring the trademark red spiralling cheeks, red lips and red eyes. The mask also includes attached black hair.

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7) Adult Evil Jester Costume

Adult Black And White Evil Jester Costume

Black and white deluxe jester's costume. Circus style costume includes double knitt polyester shirt and trousers, waist sash, headpiece, and mask.

The two horns of the headpiece are padded with foam. Instead of the traditional bells, the horns and the fringe have small rubber skull masks.

The rubber skull mask is held in place by elastic. It has both eye and nostril holes. This outfit is ideal for Halloween or as an alternative to a traditional clown costume.

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8) Adult The Joker Deluxe Costume

Adult The Joker Complete Costume

From the award winning 2008 blockbuster, Batman Begins, comes the official licensed Adult The Joker Deluxe Costume.

The Joker costume, based on the outfit worn by Heath Ledger in the Batman film, includes the trademark long purple jacket with faux pocket detailing and an attached vest, printed with a shirt, tie and green vest.

The Joker outfit also includes a pair of coordinating purple pinstriped trousers and is completed by a terrifying 3/4 vinyl clown mask.

Add a pair of Joker gloves from the accessories above to complete the Joker look. This Batman themed outfit would make an ideal Halloween costume.

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9) Adult Freddy Krueger Costume

Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume

This official licensed line includes two pieces.

Costume includes long-sleeve Freddy shirt from A Nightmare On Elm Street with red and dark green striped design, tattered cuffs and ties at the base of the neck for easier fitting.

Costume also includes a soft EVA face mask with elasticised straps to hold it in place.

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10) Adult Wizard Wanda Costume

Adult Wizard Wanda Costume

This Harry Potter inspired costume includes four pieces.

Costume includes a short grey school dress with low cut neckline, yellow and burgundy coloured hem finished short sleeves, rear zipper, 'Wizard School' logo printed decal on left breast, pleated hem finished skirt with a burnished design and yellow and burgundy trim.

Costume also includes a short black burnished cape with contrasting white stand-up collar, attached yellow and burgundy tie, Velcro fastening plus professional hem finishing.

Finishing touch includes a 16" wooden wand and a pair of circular glasses with metal frames and no lenses.

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