Stats for Halloween Royal Mail Deliveries

This October proved to be a very busy period for Jokers' Masquerade and also for one of our couriers, Royal Mail. If you compare the busiest day from this year (2008) to that of 2007's then there is an increase of a massive 77% of orders out of the door. In that very busy month we managed to send off more parcels than 2007's busiest day on no less than eleven different occasions. The month as a whole was an astonishing 91.4% more successful than the previous year's October, not far off double the amount of happy customers!

Throughout the whole of 2008 there was an increase of 65.7% of parcels delivered by Royal Mail successfully from that of the previous year. This proves the speed that Jokers' Masquerade is growing and we all look forward to showing you more impressive stats from the year of 2009.

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