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High School Musical is the first film from the High School Musical Franchise. It was first shown on the Disney Channel in America in 2006 on January the 20th. At it's time it was the Disney Channels most watched movie with 7.7 million viewers. In the UK it received 789,000 viewers on its first showing. It was broadcast on BBC1 in December 2006 making it the first Disney Channel Film to be broadcast on BBC. Its success lead to High School Musical 2 and then in October 2008 High School Musical 3 : Senior Year was released at cinemas. High School Musical 4 is currently being written but no details on cast or storyline have been announced.

High School Musical

The story starts with a new years eve party at a mountain ski lodge. A boy named Troy Bolton and a girl called Gabriella Montez meet here and decide to enter the karaoke competition together and sing "Start Of Something New". They like each other a lot and exchange numbers. One week later Gabriella's mum gets transferred and they have to move to Albuquerque in New Mexico. Gabriella moves to East High to study. Whilst she is sat in homeroom, Troy notices her there and can't believe his luck. To make sure that it is really her sat there he gives the number a ring. Gabriella's phone rings and the whole class check their phones. They all get put into detention for having their phones on them. After discovering that Gabriella is extremely clever, the head of the science club Taylor invites her to join the school's scholastic decathlon team and Gabriella accepts. Troy is the captain of the basketball team and after a confrontation between the basketball coach and the teacher that put them all in detention, he is eventually able to go to basketball practise with his best mate Chad. When Troy is playing he can't stop thinking about Gabriella and how he might actually enjoy singing with her more often. Troy decides to skip the next basketball practise and go to the musical auditions instead, he meets Gabriella there and they watch Sharpay and Ryan audition. They build up the courage to audition but the teacher says its too late. The music composer Kelsi lets them sing her song the way she wrote it and the music teacher hears them and asks them for a call-back. When the other basketball players hear that Troy has skipped practise to go and sing they are all shocked and disappointed in him. Troy asks Gabriella to meet him and she tells him that she loved singing with him at the new years party and how she already saw him as her best friend even though they hardly knew each other. Troys best mate Chad and the head of the science club Taylor wanted their friends Gabriella and Troy to get their heads in the game and attend basketball practise and go to science club again. They devised a plan together and the basketball team tricked Troy into saying that Gabriella is not important while she watches on a video feed. Gabriella is very hurt by this comment and tells Troy that she no longer wants to sing with him in the musical. The plan backfires on Chad and Taylor as they are both upset and are no longer interested in basketball or the scholastic decathlon. They decide to tell them the truth after ruining Troy and Gabriella's relationship. They try to explain everything but Gabriella is still hurt thinking that Troy meant it.

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Troy goes to Gabriella's house but she pretends that she is swamped with homework as she doesn't want to speak to him at all. He calls her on her cell from the backyard and tells her that the Troy she met at the ski lodge is much more like the real him than the one she saw on the video feed. He climbs on to her balcony and convinces her to go to the musical call backs with him. They begin practising with the help of Kelsi. At one of their practise sessions Sharpay and Ryan overhear them and are intimidated by the competition. Sharpay manages to get the music teacher to change the day of the callbacks to the same day of the basketball championship and the scholastic decathlon.

Troy and Gabriella are distraught after hearing this but decide to come up with a plan and delay both the scholastic decathlon for Gabriella and the basketball championship for Troy. They manage to disable the scoreboard for the basketball game and brew a nasty chemical to delay the decathlon. They both rush to the callbacks, Sharpay and Ryan have already performed and are very confident, the drama teacher has read out Troy and Gabriella's name twice already and when they finally show she says its too late. A huge crowd pours into the auditorium to see them perform. The teacher has no option but to let them perform. Gabriella freezes and can't sing as she looks at all the people, Troy makes her sing to just him instead of all the other people and she finds the courage and does a brilliant job at the song "Breaking Free". The crowd go wild and the music teacher decides that they will get the main part with Sharpay and Ryan as their understudies. After the results of the audition Gabriella and Troy rush back to their events. Gabriella wins the scholastic decathlon and Ryan scores the winning points in the basketball game. They all gather in the gym to celebrate and sing "We're All In This Together".

After the huge success of the High School Musical franchise there has been a wide range of merchandise released ranging from basketballs to coffee mugs. The High School Musical Soundtrack sold more copies in the US in 2006 than any other album and went Quadruple Platinum. The Soundtrack featured the songs Start Of Something New, Get'cha Head in the Game, What I've Been Looking For, What I've Been Looking For (Reprise), Stick To The Status Quo, When There Was Me And You, Bop To The Top, Breaking Free and We're All In This Together. There have also been touring versions of the show on stage and on ice drawing huge crowds to both. Zac Efron who plays Troy in the movie had his voice merged with singer Andrew Seeleys's voice for the singing parts of the musical film. Many of the cast have seen success in other areas since the films. Vanessa Hudgens who plays Gabriella in the film has since released a solo album from her success in the film. Corbin Bleu (Chad) has also seen triumph in a solo career since the movies.

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