25th Anniversary of the Daley Thompson Lucozade Advert

Today is the day after Grand National winner Tony McCoy won the 2010 BBC Sports Personality of the Year with 40 per cent of the vote, so why mention a 25 year old commercial promoting everyone's favourite sports replenishment beverage? Well, if you'll be so kind as to hand me the the tenuous baton of weak links I'll remind you that 25 years ago Lucozade underwent a huge transition in re-branding their product, utilizing one of our biggest faces in sports at the time, 1982 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Daley Thompson as its advertising figurehead.

Daley Thompson Lucozade Advert

In 1982 a brief but severe recession began in the United States, Miguel de la Madrid took office as President of Mexico and my brothers favourite TV commercial first aired. Today you can view the Daley Thompson 1985 Lucozade Advert on video sharing website YouTube in all its glory. The commercial begins with a quick fleeting shot of red traffic lights to signal the end, our Decathlon hero is running toward the camera but slowing down jogging to a stop in a reduced frame shot. The text '8am Daley Thompson breaks training for refreshment' raising the question, what time did Daley Thompson start training? If he's breaking at 8am surely he must be up for hours before that, what time did the man sleep? Anyway, as the Iron Maiden track 'Phantom of the Opera' pumps out from Maiden's self-titled debut album, not the perhaps more apt 'Run to the Hills', Daley, beaten and sweating, from his 8am run stops to look as knackered as a man could possibly be after waking up to go run around at stupid o'clock. Suddenly the lights change amber, Daley reaches for his glucose rich Lucozade, close-up of the bottle, big D takes a man size swig, coincidentally Daley is now wearing a completely different outfit leading me to believe that he must have been up exceedingly early picking out costumes. Suddenly green lights, the heavy riffs begin, Daley Thompson now back in running gear after a lengthy costume change no doubt, he begins sprinting for his life like a man who has just downed a delicious bottle of Lucozade at 8am, he sprints, his moustache barely quivering at the amassed speeds that his new found energy is allowing him to reach. Cut to voice over from fellow moustached sporting figure Des Lynham. "Lucozade, the refreshing glucose drink"... fade to black.


This commercial marked the beginning of the re-branding of Lucozade, they eventually dropped the slogan "Lucozade aids recovery" and replaced it with "Lucozade replaces lost energy" alongside the Des uttered line above, this was a move to get away from linking Lucozade with sick people. A mantra from my childhood, "not very well? 'ave some Lucodaze" this would usually speed up the vomiting process for me, not sure if that was the desired effect but there you go.

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