Burger King's New Sprout Burger

It seems Jokers’ Masquerade Fancy Dress are not the only fans of the festive Brussel Sprout this time of year, Burger King are getting into the swing of things and releasing a new burger called the Sprout Surprise Whopper. The limited edition burger will be available from today up until Christmas Eve in many of the restaurants. The new burger contains a Brussel Sprout puree with Emmental cheese coated in a herb crumb.


Official Mr Methane Costume

Burger King’s Culinary Development Manager, Paul Rowland said "To many people, Brussel Sprouts are just those little green cabbages that sit on the Christmas dinner plate and never get eaten. At Burger King, we wanted to create a recipe that would challenge existing Brussel Sprout perceptions, and genuinely make sprouts a flavour to be reckoned with."

Jokers’ Masquerade customers may not want to go for the Sprout burger however, many are eating sprouts on a regular basis as they practise to break the Guinness World record for the most amount of Sprouts eating in one minute. To launch our brand new Mr. Methane costume we (with your help) are going to break the world record which currently stands at 31 sprouts in a minute. For more details go to http://joke.co.uk/sprout, if you have what it takes then please do contact us.

We recently had a sprout eating trial at the Jokers’ Masquerade headquarters, some of our contestants came close but we are yet to find a champion! You can see the highlights here http://joke.co.uk/brusvid.


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