Fancy Dress Helping To Save The Panda

Yes, you read the headline correctly, fancy dress is indeed now playing a role in helping save the endangered Panda population. Hetaoping Research and Conservation Centre for the Giant Panda, in Wolong Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province, China are looking to put the first Panda cub born in captivity back into it’s natural home in the wild for years.


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To ensure the 8kg cub has the best possible chance in the wild, carers at the Wolong Nature Reserve are trying their hardest to ensure that the cub comes in contact with humans as little as possible. Obviously humans do need to examine and check up on the cub from time to time however so they have decided that they will wearPanda Costumes whenever they are around the little Panda.

Pandas are notoriously bad at mating whether it is in captivity or in the wild. Before the Chinese could start attempting to release baby Pandas back in to the wild, they were given a goal of 300 births in captivity. They have now achieved that goal and this is their first attempt at releasing a young Panda back in to the wild for years.

A previous attempt at releasing Pandas back in to their natural habitat was back in 2006 and it ended in tragedy. The Panda called Xiang Xiang was sadly found dead 10 months later, he had been attacked by other wild Pandas, maybe the programme was not as successful as they first thought and the Panda stuck out from the other wild Pandas. That is why with their latest attempt, the Chinese Panda carers are trying absolutely everything. We all have our fingers crossed that this time will be 100% successful and the beginning of a new surge of wild Panda births.

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