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Like any expanding company, we like to shout about our good fortunes which also gives consumer confidence in our business. Akin to our Customer Reviews page, these are newsworthy blogs, articles and updates produced by the Jokers' Masquerade Editor for publication here.


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Leatherface costume

Welcome to the fifth instalment of Jokers' Masquerade's Greatest Movie Costumes Ever. In this always interesting blog post, we take a look at a costume that almost all horror fans will recognise. On this occasion we'll take a look at a costume that was made famous by The Texas Chainsaw Masacre movie, and featured in each of the sequels and remakes. The Greatest Movie Costumes Ever Part 5: The Leatherface costume.

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Children's Book Week Fancy Dress

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Sherlock Holmes Costume

Children's Book Week is an annual celebration of reading for pleasure for children who are generally of primary school age. This year Children's Book Week will take place from 3-9 October. We are hoping that if you have kids that attend primary school or are around that kind of age, that you will join in and encourage them to pick up a book and spend a little time reading.

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Woodland Fairy Costume

Graham Cort ran the Race for Life for Cancer Research UK at Lingfield Racecourse in Surrey this past Sunday 18th September 2011. His goal was to raise five thousand pounds for the cause clad in a superb charity fancy dress costume.

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High Seas Buccaneer Costume

International Talk Like a Pirate Day was invented by 'Cap'n Slappy' and 'Ol' Chumbucket' from Albany, Oregon in the United States. It has been observed since 1995 and is celebrated by people the world over on the 19th September every year.

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Great Costumes from Halloween Movies

Friday, September 16, 2011
Leprechaun Movie Costume

If you find yourself struggling to come up with ideas for what fancy dress to wear this coming October don't panic, here we have some suggestions for you to deck yourself out in a horror movie costume. What we'll very kindly do is share a extract of our favourite Halloween costumes. And not just any Halloween costumes.

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Light Up Hanging Witch with Apple

So you're having a Halloween party, you have invited your guests, you have arranged your own fancy dress costume. You have planned to have food and drinks ready to offer sustenance to those wandering around your house dressed as vampires, ghosts and invariably, a banana.

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