The Greatest Movie Costumes Ever: Michael Myers Costume

Welcome to the sixth instalment of Jokers' Masquerade's Greatest Movie Costumes Ever. In this always scintillating blog post, we take a look at a costume that almost all horror fans should recognise. On this occasion we'll take a look at the Michael Myers costume that has featured in no less than ten instalments of Halloween. The Greatest Movie Costumes Ever Part 6: The Michael Myers costume.

Michael Myers Halloween Boiler Suit (No Mask) The Greatest Movie Costumes Ever

Halloween was first released in 1978 and was directed by John Carpenter. The more recent rebooted movies have been written and directed by Rob Zombie. A remake of Halloween III: Season of the Witch is currently in production and is due to be released in 2012, Rob Zombie will not be involved with Halloween III, there is also no word on who will don the Michael Myers costume or if he will even feature in the film as the antagonist. The original did feature the character and was shown very briefly on a TV screen during the picture.

Synonymous with this time of year the Halloween franchise and Michael Myers character will always spring to mind, this of course makes the Michael Myers Halloween costume suitably popular and one of our favourite Halloween costumes this time of year.

Michael Myers Costumes

The Michael Myers Halloween Costume is based upon the outfit as worn by the character in the original series of Halloween movies. The Michael Myers fancy dress costume includes jumpsuit, knife and blood. One of the biggest selling points for this outfit in-particular is that it is relatively cheap for an official product. Many official lines will be more expensive due to licensing. The Michael Myers fancy dress costume benefits you from not breaking the bank!

Of course there are other Michael Myers costumes available, if price is not an issue please take a look at our Deluxe Michael Myers Halloween Costume, it is steeped in deluxe quality and includes a high-quality jumpsuit and a Michael Myers face mask.

Michael Myers Fancy Dress

The official range of Michael Myers fancy dress provides outfits for both men and women. So if you are heading out to a fancy dress party as a couple you can go in matching Michael Myers fancy dress costumes and everyone will know that you are together.

We have more TV and film fancy dress for women and TV, Film and Computer Game Fancy Dress costumes for men. Keep a look-out for the next great instalment of The Greatest Movie Costumes Ever.

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